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Andis UltraEdge A5 Clipper Blades

Andis UltraEdge A5 Clipper Blades

Price: $41.95  | 

Andis UltraEdge Blades will all fit on the Andis model AG, AG2, AGC, AGC2, AGR, AGRC, MBG Clippers and Oster A5 Clippers, but can also be used with other brands of detachable type clippers. Carburized steel extends edge life and the chrome finish resists rust. 

UltraEdge Blades have a Rockwell Hardness rating of 65 and can endure prolonged use and repeated sharpening. 

Remember to keep the skin pulled tight & flat while clipping- NEVER clip into the fold of the skin


#50 - Leaves hair 1/125" - 0.2mm
Best used for extremely close clipper work
Veterinary Surgical Prep blade

#40 - Leaves hair 1/100" - 0.25mm
Best used for extremely close clipper work
Veterinary Surgical Prep blade

#30 - Leaves hair 1/50" - 0.5mm
Use between the pads of the feet

#15 - Leaves hair 3/64" - 1.2mm
Use for Poodle’s face, feet and tail
Ideal for Setters, Spaniels &; Terriers

#10 - Leaves hair 1/16" - 1.5mm
Use for all sanitary work
Ideal for Poodles face, feet and tail

#10W - Leaves hair 3/32" - 2.4mm
Significantly wider cutting edge than Regular #10
Used to shave-down large matted dogs
Allows you will get the job done faster

#8.5 - Leaves hair 7/64" - 2.8mm
Fast feeding blade
Best used to clip heavy/matted coats

#7 - Leaves hair 1/8" - 3.2mm
Skip tooth blades penetrate a curly coat best
Fast feeding blade best used for shaving extremely matted dogs

#7F/FC - Leaves hair 1/8" - 3.2mm
Use to shave matted coats & shave downs
Ideal for Terrier/Spaniel 

#5 - Leaves hair 1/4" - 6.3mm
Ideal for removing matted or heavy coarse coats
Use for natural looking coats on Terriers

#4F/FC - Leaves hair 3/8" - 9.5mm
Acts like a comb as it clips through coat
Leaves a nice finish when clipping drop coated breeds

#T-84 - Leaves hair 2.4 mm
Wide blade for tirmming body and general clipping

Blocking - Leaves hair 3.2mm
Designed for blocking beef cattle legs & body

Medium Blending - Leaves hair 2.4mm
Easily blend hair and leaves a smooth, seamless finish


Also available - call for pricing

Super Blocking  - 0.25mm

Reduced bevel thickness for tighter, more precise blocking 


~~ Blade Sharpening Services ~~

Please call Carleton Place, Lethbridge or Saint Hyacinthe branch for more information.