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Electronet 9/35/12 Single Spike

Electronet 9/35/12 Single Spike

Price: $164.95  | 

35” high, has 9 horizontal twines with large white plastic vertical struts every 12”

White PVC posts are built into the mesh every 12.5 ft 

Double Spike also available

35" x 164' roll - Also available: Electrostop 42" high


The black & white colours provide maximum 24/7 visibility to both humans & animals against both light & dark backgrounds.

Its low electrical resistance (only 38 /1000 ft) is an important benefit for longer fences and/or fences with high weed contact.

Bottom strand is neutral.  Can be hooked up as an all-hot fence during moist times of the year.

Effective fencing to keep in sheep, goats & cattle, to keep out bear The basic "unroll and then unfold" process is the same for all electrified nets.  It requires minimal strength/skill and no tools. 

No extra line posts are necessary with these nets unless the soil is soft or the fence will stay in place over 6 weeks.

Extra support posts are useful at corners, curves and ends.

Common uses

Strip-graze pastures, turnips and rape.
As interim permanent fence until a proper fence can be built.
Enclose rams and buck goats.
Make small pastures for animals that need attention (ewes/does/nannies with triplets; injured or stressed animals).
Graze orchards and vineyards.
Make lanes for moving animals.
Replaceable water gaps that work.
Protect outdoor hay supplies.
Graze stockpiled forage on hayfields in late fall and early winter.

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