CCWG Livestock Supplies

CCWG Livestock Supplies

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Infaco Foot Shear Infaco Foot Shear

Battery operated foot shear
Lithium-ion cobalt battery - Full-day complete autonomy 9hrs depending on the use and storage conditions


Region Available: Canada



Intellitwine 2000ft Intellitwine 2000ft

Excellent for portable fences for cattle and sheep

2000 feet

Region Available: Canada



Iodine 7% Iodine 7%

As an aid in the treatment and control of bacterial infections of superficial wounds, cuts and abrasions, navel stumps, docking and castration wounds and for the disinfection of skin areas before injections, castration and docking.

A quick drying formula that does not stain skin permanently.

Region Available: Canada



Ketchum Baby Lamb Tags Ketchum Baby Lamb Tags

These tags are to be used for private identification only and can be applied shortly after birth.

Region Available: Canada



Ketchum Baby Lamb Pliers Ketchum Baby Lamb Pliers
For use with Ketchum Baby Lamb tags

Region Available: Canada



Childrens Sheep Books by Nancy Shaw Childrens Sheep Books by Nancy Shaw
Assorted childrens storey's by Nancy Shaw

Region Available: Canada



Kiwi Crook Kiwi Crook
Coated fiberglass shaft crook for catching sheep & goats by the neck or leg.

Region Available: Canada



Wahl KM2 Clipper Wahl KM2 Clipper

Powerful, quiet, convenient and light weight

Impact and chemical resistant

Clipper cuts the toughest coat

Region Available: Canada



Kool Lube Kool Lube

Oster® Kool Lube® 3 is a 3-in-1 treatment for clipper blades to help ensure clean, smooth operation. 

Instant cooling, lubrication and cleaner for combs, cutters & clipper blades

Region Available: Canada



Kopper Kare Kopper Kare

For hoof punctures, ringworm, thrush, cracked hooves, after dehorning and wounds in sheep, cattle, horses and dogs

Fungicide-antiseptic-astringent solution

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Adoption Musk Lamb Adoption Musk
A scientifically chosen blend of aromatic oils 

Region Available: Canada



Bucket Holder   Bucket Holder

Hot-dip galvanized to extend life! 

A welded wire bracket that easily drops into place onto wire panels or 1” wood, yet holds round and square buckets securely. 

Unique design prevents orphans from freeing the pail

Region Available: Canada



Bucket Teat Unit Bucket Teat Unit

Use for feeding orphan lambs, kids & calves.

Includes one washer, but not a nipple.

Additional washers may also be needed when using thinner walled buckets.

Use our wrench to tighten or loosen the plastic gray "nut".

Region Available: Canada



LambGro / KidGro Colostrum LambGro / KidGro Colostrum

Dry Colostrum in a  700 gm pouch = 20 lamb feedings

To supplement or replace ewe colostrum when quality or quantity of available ewe/doe colostrum is inadequate

Region Available: Canada



A Manual of Lambing Techniques A Manual of Lambing Techniques

Lambing can be a challenging prospect whether it's your first or 31st season.

This practical manual takes you through the period approaching, during and immediately after lambing.

Region Available: Canada



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